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CVA Canicattì


An innovative and modern history of the territory

The magic of the Terre di Nero d’Avola lives on in the production of CVA Canicattì capable of bringing into the glass the viticultural tradition of a territory that expresses the best of its potential with the main vine of the native Sicilians. Since 1969, love and the strong productive link with this land have united the passion of 300 vignerons in a production project with solid roots but innovative and modern, projected towards the challenges of the most demanding markets.


A complex and varied production unicum

The CVA Canicattì vineyards extend over a vast territory within the province of Agrigento and borders the territories of the provinces of Palermo and Caltanissetta. The ampelographic platform especially enhances the native traditional vines, such as Nero d’Avola, Grillo and Catarratto. In this extreme Sicily, where the soil and climatic conditions vary profoundly within a radius of a few kilometres, frontier viticulture is practiced, characterized by a perennial lack of water. The peculiarity of these territories is precisely in the exceptional organoleptic value given to the different varieties in production due precisely to this strong differentiation of microclimates and soil composition. This diversity is an invaluable resource that allows the cellar to have grapes with a composite organoleptic richness that express the great biodiversity of this unique and immense vineyard in the glass.