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I Magredi

Guardians of the vineyard in the DOC Grave

A natural landscape of marked originality

In the Doc Grave, soil, climate and grape variety interact in a unique and unrepeatable terroir.

Magredo means “Lean Land”, because it consists of a cover of wild grasses and shrubs with little water requirement, adapted to living on extremely arid and permeable soil.

The name “I Magredi” therefore describes the representative soils of this area, rich in coarse material such as gravels, stones and pebbles; the water and with it the mobile nourishing elements go deep. The consequent thinness of the soil and the temperature ranges make it possible to obtain grapes of great aromatic complexity and freshness.

The grapes grown are varied:

From the international Sauvignon, Cabernet, Pinot Grigio and Merlot to the native Friulano and Refosco as well as Prosecco DOC. The wines of I Magredi stand out for their freshness, aroma and elegance. The Winery of I Magredi is equipped with modern and cutting-edge systems and over the years they have invested in the expansion and modernization of structures and technologies, always with respect for the environment.