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I Tirreni

Wines from Bolgheri and the Upper Maremma

Technical choices for impeccable quality

  • Small-sized steel vinification vats to vinify musts with different characteristics in a different way.
  • Soft treatment of the grapes (electronically controlled pneumatic press for white grapes, to fractionate the various parts of the flower must)
  • Thermal regulation of the rooms and fermenting tanks thanks to a refrigeration system.
  • Filtration by means of cellulose filter layers, or with cartridges, based on the starting wine and the result to be obtained.
  • Bottling on site to check the absolute sterility of the surfaces that come into contact with the wine.

6 hectares of vines

  • 4.5 hectares of all red grape vines in the Bolgheri Doc area.
  • 1.5 hectares of white and red IGT Toscana vines, between the Cecina area and California.