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Study, passion and research

ARIWINE has its roots in a distant past, born from the profound connection of two individuals who share a common devotion: that for wine.

Wine is conviviality and celebration, but not only that. It is exploration, a journey through notes and aromas, a discovery of territories and cellars that safeguard a history meant to be shared.

Right there, amidst one row of vines and another, through vineyards that unfold like a true work of art, an idea takes shape: to revolutionize the B2B wine sales business.

Everyone, absolutely everyone in such a virtuous supply chain, must feel valued, must be able to express their potential without hindrances and delays that have characterized the traditional wine market for so many years.

The sharing of passion, therefore, becomes that of a professional goal, with the ultimate aim of highlighting farmers and winemakers and the work hidden behind each label. The bond between sales agents, wineries, and the end customer goes beyond business and is rooted in the hearts of those who see in ARIWINE an opportunity for virtuous connection.


Eighteen months of preparation

Eighteen months of preparation – We have been working in the B2B wine sales sector for twenty years. We know what all the players in the supply chain want, but the blanket is always too short. This is why we made a longer blanket. It took us a year and a half and it’s called ARIWINE.

Fabrizio Zucca & Fabio Corrado

Our Aim

Valuing the Wineries, gratifying our customers and facilitating the business. Simple, isn't it?

A business model capable of fully satisfying all the players in the wine supply chain, an ambitious but not impracticable goal. Thanks to the people who took it to life, thanks to the automation software, thanks to our marketing and communication experts.

ARIWINE is a promise, a commitment, a challenge. But it is also a reality.

Four features



ARIWINE was born from over 20 years of B2B sales experience in the wine sector.



ARIWINE use a logistics partner, that guarantees deliveries in 72/120 hours in the whole EU.



ARIWINE takes its form by combining hands-on approach with online sales tools.



ARIWINE selects the best Wineries, to give Customers recognizable excellence and if you don’t find what you’re looking for, just ask, we would be delighted to help you!