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Codice Vino

Love for the land of Abruzzo

A project intimately linked to the territory and the regional tradition

Accurate selection of vines and grapes, for quality and typicality, with the support of high-ranking and experienced technical-scientific professionals.
Codice Vino uses production processes developed in the vineyard by prof. Attilio Scienza and in the cellar by the oenologist Riccardo Cotarella.
  • «Wine zoning» of the territory
  • «Precision viticulture» with its advanced satellite survey systems and forecasting models in the vineyard (“artificial intelligence”)

Monovarietals and Crus of great value

To redevelop and elevate the Abruzzo wine production
  • Codice Oro: variety and richness of the great Abruzzo vines
    Intuition, patience and a good dose of courage for a large family of wines that draws variety and richness from a harsh land but which, if well interpreted, also reserves many surprises.
  • Monovarietals: the answer to the evolution of taste and good living
    These wines read and interpret the characteristics and richness of the viticultural areas concerned, appropriately applying innovation and oenological science to enhance the varietal expression of the native vines