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Placido Volpone

Agricultural art on the Apulian Tavoliere

In the territory of ancient Herdonia

It is the sunniest, driest and windiest area in mainland Italy at the same time. It is here that the legend narrates that Diomedes, winner of the Trojan War, brought with him from Asia Minor, the vine shoots, which gave birth to one of the typical wines of the region, the Nero di Troia .

The wine, son of generations of farmers and artists, is the product of winemaking with ancient techniques and cutting-edge equipment.

Tradition and continuous innovation.

Faithful to the peasant tradition, attentive to the highest crop quality, with love and extreme dedication.

A deep and authentic friendship, with respect and love for one’s land.

That friendship is enclosed, today, in the  Placido Volpone logo which could only be the symbol of two hands shaking and reproducing the vineyards seen from above in the lines. When authenticity and good feelings are combined, the result can only be unique, full-bodied, full of perfumes, pleasant, persistent.