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Refinement in the bottle

“Patientia animi occultas divitias habet”

The words of Publilio Siro have become the motto of CantinAmena. Working the land, waiting for the fruits, doing one’s work conscientiously and seriously requires time and patience, a lot of patience!

“Patience is a true, secret wealth”!

Carefully cultivated vines Only with organic method

CantinAmena is located in Lanuvio, a few kilometers southeast of the capital. It covers about 18 hectares in a sunny position and in a strategic position to take advantage of the mild sea currents of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the colder ones of the Castelli Romani and the nearby Simbruini Mountains, for the right temperature.

Located in an area rich in minerals of volcanic origin, in CantinAmena there are the ideal conditions for the wines, which are enriched in taste with unique characteristic notes.